When You Come…
You’ll experience freedom – freedom to express all your feelings without being judged or blamed. You’ll be listened to with respect and care. In our everyday conversations with our relatives and partners we often tend to hide our: fears, anxieties, rage  needs and desires. Sometimes we hide them from ourselves. Psychotherapy creates a space that contains all of your feelings. Here you won’t hear things like: “you got to pull yourself together” or “don’t exaggerate”
Why do you choose things which bring you a lot of pain?  Why are you afraid of things that really are not a threat? And again, why do you feel hatred towards those whom you should love?  We don’t understand the meaning of our feelings and usually can’t make them a useful information for us. We tend to force ourselves to do something; or we order ourselves: “I should stop being mad at my children”, “I should quit smoking”, “I should get to work”…. But those orders don’t work.  In the space of psychotherapy you can take a very close look at your choices and decisions, ambivalent thoughts and hesitations. You’ll be able to find deep reasons of why you do things that often bring you pain. You’ll discover the underlying rules of your behavior. And from this point, you’ll start to choose consciously, wisely and without pain.
Usually, I propose a few consultations in the beginning (individual, couple or family) to find out what is going on and what kind of assistance is needed. After consultations, we agree to begin individual psychotherapy, couple therapy or family mediation. If there is a service needed which I can’t provide I will refer you to other specialists.
I have been working as a psychotherapist for 10 years. I use a psychoanalytical approach to psychotherapy; my work is individually supervised by approved supervisors from the Polish Psychological Association and the Polish Association for Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy.
I also used to work for the public institution which is Specialized Marriage and Family Counseling and the Therapeutic Clinic “Warszawa-Bemowo”.
Rafał Milewski

Rafał Milewski
Gabinet Psychterapii
ul. Dygasińskiego 48
(near Wilson Square)
01-603 Warszawa-Żoliborz
tel. 607 149 513